Blogging for Creatives

I take my time researching to create strong content, modify photos for SEO and make sure your images are beautifully arranged in each blog post. Each post is written with careful thought to produce a story written in YOUR voice, with content to reach your optimal audience. 

The first step is for me to understand your business and audience in order to achieve your blog’s purpose and goals. I effectively dive into writing to your specific audience as close to your personality, schedule your posts to your liking and ensure each blog post will successfully serve it's purpose to your target client. 


Luxury Blog post- $35

This package is perfect for the creative who needs me to complete blog posts from start to finish. Methodically creating optimal content, uploading images to tell a story and inserting SEO keywords and tags to ensure your posts will reach your prime audience. 

Efficient Blog post - $27

This package is great for those who don't have time to create interesting content or upload their images themselves, but prefer to add any final touches and add their own SEO content/tags. This economical package saves you the most time while also staying in budget. 

Quick Blog post - $20

This package includes careful and creative writing for your blog post only. Written content can be created directly in your blog or sent to you via email. This is the perfect package for the blogger who might struggle to write their own content but prefers to arrange their own posts and photos. 



Each blog post may be purchased à la carte or on a weekly/monthly schedule prior to blogging. Packages purchased à la carte (one individual blog post) will be charged a $3 fee per blog post. Blog posts that are paid weekly/monthly with an invoice and contract will not require an extra fee. Please click the button below to chat with me about your specific blogging needs. I can't wait to hear from you!