Tips for a sleepy newborn

|| We all know a happy baby is a happy mama. If your baby is at ease our photo session will go smoothly. Here are a few optional tips to help your baby be a happy baby! Please don’t stress about following every rule on this page. Being a new parent is hard enough. Please reach me if you have any questions. ||

For breastfeeding moms

To prevent a baby with an upset tummy try to avoid the following foods/drinks 48 hours prior to our scheduled newborn session:

  • Acidic foods such as: lemons, oranges, all berries, pizza, spicy foods, spaghetti, chili and tomato products

  • Gassy vegetables such as: asparagus, onions, broccoli, cabbage, pickles and cauliflower

  • Large quantities of dairy. A small amount should be fine unless you know your baby has reactions to dairy.

  • Specific carbonated/caffinated beverages such as: Soda, coffee, tea, wine and beer

The day of our session

  • Please try to keep your baby awake 1-2 hours prior to leaving the house. I recommend giving them a bath as it can help keep them awake.

  • Your baby will probably eat before you leave home but if not you can feed them when you arrive.

  • Sometimes pumping or preparing a bottle before you leave the house will help if your baby needs to feed mid-session. I can easily feed them with a bottle without disturbing them instead of waking them to breastfeed or waiting to make a (formula) bottle. (This is optional as not all moms use a bottle.)

  • Dress them in a white onesie and then sleeper pajamas over top that can be unbuttoned and will not need to be removed over their head. This will help keep them from waking up or startling.

  • When you arrive I’ll have you remove them from their car seat and remove their sleeper pajamas.

  • Once your baby is in their onesie we can begin the family portion of the session. Most babies do just fine but some might need swaddled at some point during the session to calm down.

  • I have a space heater in my studio to keep the studio warm. If we're feeling a little too warm it means your baby is perfectly cozy. (Feel free to bring a comfy t-shirt to change into after parent photos.)

  • Soothie binkies can work wonders to soothe your baby in between photos and setups. Even if your baby doesn't normally use a binkie it can be helpful for these few short hours.

  • It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to get your baby comfortable, happy, and sleepy before we begin any photo taking. The more you prepare beforehand the less time we spend trying to get your baby to rest comfortably. Parents that follow my guides/prep typically end up having a happy baby that sleeps almost the entire photo session.

Your baby's safety and happiness is my first priority. I work slowly to ensure your baby is comfortable and sleepy. Each position I place them in has been carefully thought out and I tend to let babies pose themselves. I don't use traditional poses, naked photos, or place them into a position where i need to do a composite. A warm, full-bellied baby is the key to a successful photo session with timeless photographs to treasure forever.