What to Expect

What services do you offer?

I offer newborn, baby/child, family & maternity photography for those that love timeless photographs of their loved ones. 

What is your style? 

I strive to fill my portraits with bright warmth, richness & organic-love. I hand-edit each photo gallery myself, and ensure each image is up to my standards.

What is included in each photo session?

My  portrait sessions are all-inclusive, which means I include a gallery of high-resolution digital photographs for you to download. You have the option to order prints/canvas directly through your online gallery and your gallery stays active for ten whole years!

What is your studio like? 

My all-white studio is located in the upper level of my home in Grove City, Ohio. I use a mixture of studio and natural lighting - I strive to achieve a natural look. I have a white wall for backdrops, beautiful matte white wood flooring, a full-size bed with plush white bedding, & an entire closet-full of timeless items for babies. I offer white, cream and neutral fabrics along with cozy newborn outfits and accessories, & props for laying/sitting. I also offer the prop items for outdoor sessions upon request.

What is a typical newborn session like in your studio?

I begin newborn sessions with parent and family photos. My newborn sessions are very much 50/50 with family and baby photos. My style is definitely on the "lifestyle"side in that I will pose your family but everyone looks natural and relaxed. During baby only photos I pose them in a way that is very natural. I call it "baby-led" posing. I might put them on their back or tummy, but I generally let them get comfortable and then see how they "pose" themselves when they're resting peacefully. I don't offer any poses that might need to be done with composites. I always keep a diaper on your baby  and will use fabrics or outfits to hide diapers. I want you to remember your baby in a natural way. I use a lot of white, cream and neutral colors during every newborn session. I find this style allows baby to really shine and be the center of attention. 

Should I bring any props or outfits for my baby's newborn session? 

I offer a beautiful selection of wraps, fabrics, outfits and headbands that delicately compliment your baby for his/her photo session. I don't recommend purchasing outfits or props specifically for our session, especially if they might be too large, bright, or distracting. However, heirloom or sentimental items such as a special stuffed toy, ring, fabric, blanket, etc. can add a special touch to photographs. I always chat with my clients about preferences and wardrobe so we can style your newborn session in order to have the best looks possible for your photographs. 

Where do you travel for outdoor sessions?

I offer a selection of beautiful locations throughout Columbus, Ohio. I help you choose locations based on light, simplicity, and a unique charm. We'll select a location based on how well it will photograph, and not based on it's popularity. A lot of my locations aren't even considered "parks". I want your photos to look like you stepped into the most glorious field at sunset, and not at the local park everyone takes their children to play. Also, less distractions means your kiddos won't be begging to go play on that jungle gym. 

When will I receive my images?

Your personal gallery will be ready two weeks after your photo session. In the meantime you can expect a few sneak peeks to really get excited about your final gallery! 

Do I get all the photos taken?

I carefully view your entire album of photos I've taken at your session to choose the absolute best images. I remove photos with imperfections and duplicate images. I'll present you with stunning images that have been selected & hand-edited to perfection.

Can I upgrade and get more images than in my package?

Depending on your session you might end up with more images than you purchased. In that case you’ll have the option to view them and purchase more.

How do I know if we're a good fit?

I love natural colors, bright photographs full of contrast and depth. A lot of white (studio photos). Real emotions. Hugs. Kisses. A loving look. A stretched out, sleeping baby. I want you to look back on your photographs ten years from now and STILL want to have them on your walls at home. If this sounds like something you love then we would hit it off!

When should I book?

The earlier the better! If you know you're pregnant you should absolutely contact me while you still have time to think and sleep. Haha! Once you book your session I promise it will feel so good to have one more thing off your "before baby arrives" checklist. If you're looking for baby or family photos I would highly recommend contacting me as soon as you realize you'll need to book a session. During busy season, the last thing you want is to miss out on capturing those baby milestones or beautiful fall colors!

How will I know what to wear or how to prepare for our session?

Have no fear! Once you've booked with me I send you a Welcome Guide via email with everything you'll need to prepare for our session together. This guide helps with anything and everything!  

How do I book a session?

Once you decide which session and package will fit your needs I'll give a list of dates available during the month in which you'd like to book your session. Once you select the date of your choice I send out my contract and questionnaire for you to fill out and sign electronically. Super easy! Then I send you an invoice via Paypal for the total cost of your photo session, with a minimum of $100 due to book your session date and time with me. Both your contract and retainer fee of $100 are required to hold your time with me. The remainder of your balance is due no later than 48 hours before your session date.