Thank you for selecting Sarah Cropper Photography!

I strive to provide you with a wonderful and pleasing photography experience, classic images, a timeless photo gallery, and friendly photo services. 

I've built my business on a foundation of love, laughter, and raw emotion. My photos are organic and my style is relaxed. I use natural light in stunning shooting locations chosen by yours truly. I refuse to let my clients feel anything but confident and at ease. I'll do what it takes to provide you with a unique experience from start to finish. Most of all, the photos I will create for you will last a lifetime. 

Please read through this Welcome Guide thoroughly and be sure to contact me with any questions.

What to Expect || Family

Every family photographer has a different photo-taking style and personality. Here is what you can expect from me during our time together.

  • Calm and collected - I'll remain calm and relaxed even if your little ones aren't so happy. The last thing I want to do is have them close themselves off from me before we even get to the fun stuff!
  • Warm-Up - I usually do what I call, "warm up family photos". By calling it a warm-up, the kids don't feel as nervous. They get to sit with Mom and Dad while I "practice". These end up being my traditional family photos because the kids think it's just pretend. These are your typical photos you might send to Grandma. All smiles, all looking at me. 
  • Pro - Once the kids are pros I ease them into individual photos and once we get the basics finished the kids' personalities begin to shine. I let them walk around, pick flowers, sit on things, give hugs & kisses & so much more. Before they know it our time is up and they got to have fun in the process. I'll even let them see themselves on the back of my camera to remind them how awesome they look!
  • Your Gallery - You'll receive your online gallery in two weeks. During that time I'll post sneak peeks to social media, write a blog post, and take my time choosing the best photos for your art gallery. 

How to Prepare

  • Grooming - I know I always feel much more confident when I have my hair styled, my skin has been touched up with make-up and my nails trimmed. Nothing can make you feel worse than showing up to an event and realizing you forgot to clean your finger nails or put on that mascara that makes your eyes POP. (Read more about styling and outfits later on.)

  • Pack a bag with essentials - Wipes, water, snacks, bobby pins, hairbrush/spray, a change of clothes/diapers, or even a favorite toy. You never know when your littles may need a life-saving item from your goodie bag!

  • Added guests - I ask that only those being photographed during our session be present for our time together (Both outdoors and in my studio). I find this helps to avoid distractions for everyone involved and allows me to connect with those being photographed.

  • Avoid ouchies - Try to avoid bumps, scratches and bruises on your kiddos. This includes newborns. Trimming baby nails and using newborn mittens help tremendously.

  • Drive time - Please allow enough drive time to arrive promptly at our designated location. My outdoor photos are all about natural lighting, which means any change in our schedule could throw off the quality of the light. If you feel like could get lost, please don't hesitate to call me beforehand and we'll discuss directions. 

  • Prepping the kiddos - Talk to them about how Mrs. Sarah will be take their photos, and how much fun we'll have together!  Getting them excited on the big day is so important. Let them know I'm going to be their pal with the camera who has silly dance moves. 

  • Let it go - Sometimes, as a parent, you get frustrated if your child doesn't want to sit with their hands in their laps all while smiling a perfect smile. Guys, it rarely happens that way. Which is a good thing! I ask that you let it slide when your kids don't want to do as they're told. If they want to walk around and pick up dandelions, let them. If they want to giggle a bunch while I crack jokes about Dad, let them. If I need them to do something different I'll ask them. Usually kids take direction from new people over their parents. The last thing we want are kids with splotchy noses and big tears. Let them enjoy the experience!

  • Rain  - Our outdoor photo shoot may be rescheduled, at my discretion, if the weather isn't appropriate for photo-taking. Rain, heavy snow, hail, and freezing rain are just a few of the weather related things we could encounter. I typically don't re-schedule for cloudy weather as this can make for evenly-lit, beautiful portraits. 

What to Wear || Children & Families

Here are a few wardrobe tips to help you look stylish.

  • Basics - Wear colors that flatter your skin and hair, as well as choosing colors that coordinate with your family without being overly matchy. I love helping families coordinate outfits to get the most timeless look in your photos and would be happy to help you select the best possible outfit for each family member.

  • Colors - Speaking of colors. There is a simple trick to take your wardrobe from ordinary to upscale in no time at all. When selecting your outfits, think about making each color muted and/or rich instead of vivid. A few examples would be selecting maroon instead of red, pale/seafoam blue instead of bright blue, or muted/burnt orange instead of neon orange. Another trick to keep in mind is to think about your location. If we're going to a field full of wild flowers and greenery, you don't even need to dress in color. Light or neutral colors compliment colorful locations. A simple location with a wood fence and pine trees might pair well with rich colored outfits. 

  • Maternity - Show off that baby bump with something fitted like a timeless maxi dress or a dressy blouse with a belt.

  • Simple - Keep things simple for baby and milestone sessions. A simple pair of pants, classic dress or onesie is all you may need. I also have a few clothing items for 3-12 month old babies upon request.

  • Your home - Think about your home decor, style (rustic, modern, bold) & colors when choosing outfits. Your wall art will display nicely if it flows with the "look" of your home. 

  • Body type - Dress for your body type. I find that flowy, yet fitted fabrics look fantastic. Don't be afraid to accentuate your shape - this goes for men as well! When buying outfits for your children, always choose well-fit clothing instead of something they can grow into later. Show off your favorite part of your body and you'll end up feeling confident!

  • Shoes - Select shoes that you can be proud to wear. Dress shoes, beautiful sandals, & gorgeous boots ALWAYS add an extra amount of elegance to portraits. This doesn't mean you have to force yourself to wear a pair of heels, especially if you're scared of being taller than your spouse. A lovely pair of flats can look just as amazing! This tip applies to men and kiddos alike. 

  • Comfort - Never wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Just like the tip about wearing heels. If you love wearing maxi dresses, wear it! If your husband prefers a button up with the sleeves rolled up to a blazer, he WILL shine brighter in his photos. 

  • Barefoot - Depending on the location and setting/pose, we may not worry about shoes at all! I'm a sucker for a barefoot family and kiddos. It looks less posed and more relaxed. Don't be surprised if I ask you to take off your shoes in a summery type of setting!

  • Stylish - My last tip, and most important. Dress extra special! Yes, it's that simple. I, personally, love jeggings and sweaters. They're comfortable. But if I'm spending time, energy, and money on a photo session for my family - I'm going to take the time to pick out something special for each family member. I'm going to pick an outfit that takes me a step up from the every day. But I'm not going to stop there. I'm going to think about jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that will really make my outfit look complete. Remember - You can never look too "dressy" for your photo session!

|| Check out clothing ideas on my Family Pinterest board! ||