Thank you for selecting Sarah Cropper Photography!

I strive to provide you with a wonderful and pleasing photography experience, classic images, a timeless photo gallery, and friendly photo services. 

I've built my business on a foundation of love, laughter, and raw emotion. My photos are organic and my style is relaxed. I use natural light in stunning shooting locations chosen by yours truly. I refuse to let my clients feel anything but confident and at ease. I'll do what it takes to provide you with a unique experience from start to finish. Most of all, the photos I will create for you will last a lifetime. 

Please read through this Welcome Guide thoroughly and be sure to contact me with any questions.



My studio is located in my home at:

3830 Louise Court

Grove City, Ohio 43123

How to Prepare

  • Grooming - I know I always feel much more confident when I have my hair styled, my skin has been touched up with make-up and my nails trimmed. Nothing can make you feel worse than showing up to an event and realizing you forgot to clean your finger nails or put on that mascara that makes your eyes POP. (Read more about styling and outfits later on.)

  • Pack a bag with essentials - Wipes, water, snacks, bobby pins, hairbrush/spray, a change of clothes/diapers, or even a favorite toy. You never know when your littles may need a life-saving item from your goodie bag!

  • Added guests - I ask that only those being photographed during our session be present for our time together (Both outdoors and in my studio). I find this helps to avoid distractions for everyone involved and allows me to connect with those being photographed.

  • Avoid ouchies - Try to avoid bumps, scratches and bruises on your kiddos. This includes newborns. Trimming baby nails and using newborn mittens help tremendously.

  • Drive time - Please allow enough drive time to arrive promptly at my home. Some of my photos include natural lighting, which means any change in our schedule could throw off the quality of the light. If you feel like could get lost, please don't hesitate to call me beforehand and we'll discuss directions. 

  • Warm and cozy - I turn down the AC and use a space heater for newborn sessions. If we're a little too warm it means your baby is feeling perfectly cozy. Cooler temps can wake your baby and make them fussy.

  • Prepping the kiddos - Talk to them about how Mrs. Sarah will be take their photos, and how much fun we'll have together!  Getting them excited on the big day is so important. Let them know I'm going to be their pal with the camera who has silly dance moves. 

What to Expect || All Studio Sessions

Every photographer has a different photo-taking style and personality. Here is what you can expect from me during our time together.

  • Relax - My studio is located in the upper level of my home in an all-white, cozy bedroom. I want you to feel relaxed; like you're visiting a friend. Our time together will be peaceful to put your mind at ease.

  • Bare Feet - My white bedding setup is very comfortable. I ask that everyone is barefoot on my bed. Being barefoot allows you and your family to relax, and look the part of hanging out on a bed. 

  • Natural - My studio photos look timeless and natural. I use white walls and curtains for backdrops, white flooring. and my white bedding setup for a more cozy look. Between these lovely setups you'll find yourself with a gallery full of timeless images to hang on your walls at home.

  • Clothing - Choose solid, neutral (for newborns) clothing for family. White, cream, tan, grey & soft blues or pinks are all wonderful colors for newborn sessions. Color can be beautiful for other type of studio sessions (family, milestones, etc.) but muted tones photograph better than very bold shades for newborn sessions. Parents and siblings will wear one outfit each with no additional outfit changes.

  • Posing Options - Your session includes one pose for family, mom/baby, dad/baby and sibling/baby. Each pose will have different variations (smiling, looking at baby, snuggling, etc.) This allows us to stay on time and ensure your baby doesn’t get overworked before their solo photos begin.

  • Your Gallery - You'll receive your online gallery in two weeks. During that time I'll post some sneak peeks to social media and take my time choosing the best photos for your art gallery. 


What to Expect || Newborns

Every newborn photographer has a different photo-taking style and personality. Here is what you can expect from me during our time together.

  • Arrival - Once you arrive to my home studio for our scheduled session I'll show you the best outfits and fabric options from my collection based on your questionnaire that I've carefully put together to compliment your baby. I use a lot of white in my newborn sessions but keep other neutral, timeless colors on hand. I offer comfortable seating with cold refreshments and kid-friendly snacks during your time in my home.  Feel free to bring lunch, snacks, or anything else that will allow you to get comfortable in my studio. I also have a changing table with essentials to get your baby feeling fresh. 

  • Baby Prep - Please follow the >> Sleepy Baby 101 << guide as best you can without stressing yourself about it. This guide makes the world of difference between a sleepy baby & a cranky baby.

  • Baby Led - You should know that I allow newborns to lead our photo session. If I notice they only settle when being wrapped, I'll get creative with wraps and poses. I tend to let babies pose themselves and photograph them as they are. You want to remember your baby in all their innocence. This means every session is unique.

  • Photo Time - I'll begin by taking some lifestyle family and baby photos of baby in a white onesie. Please dress them in a white onesie so when you arrive we can start right away. After that portion I'll gently wrapping your baby in soft fabric for any more family and sibling portraits followed by parent photos with your baby. Our time together will be casual and relaxing. 

  • Older kiddos - If siblings are involved in our photo session I'll photograph them first. Then once parent/family photos are completed children are welcome to sit back on my bed setup to relax. I have a bin with books/toys for kiddos to play with but you are welcome to bring a tablet for them to use. A spouse or guardian can also take kiddos to grab some lunch. 

  • Break - Your baby may or may not need to eat after the family portion of our session. During that short break I'll get us set up for the second part of our session. If your baby is sleeping soundly we'll roll right into their solo photos.

  • Part Two - Now we'll continue with solo photos of your baby using the outfits and fabrics I provide. Your baby will more than likely not be naked during our photo session. We'll keep your baby in a diaper and use wraps and/or outfits to ensure their diaper is never shown. I find this eases everyone's mind knowing we don't have to constantly worry about an accident.

  • Your Gallery - You'll receive your online gallery in two weeks. During that time I'll post sneak peeks to social media and take my time choosing the best photos for your art gallery.


What to Wear || Studio & Newborns

Here are a few wardrobe tips to help you look stylish. Please be advised that parents and siblings only need one outfit each. No outfit changes are included due to time constraints.

  • Bumps - Show off that baby bump with something fitted like a timeless maxi dress or a fitted tank with a slouchy open sweater. Studio maternity sessions are so cozy and timeless!

  • Primp - Take a little extra time to primp your hair and make-up for maternity and newborn photos. It will boost your confidence and you'll look fresh-faced even though you might feel tired. I like to say "doll yourself up like you're going on a special date". Let it be a treat to yourself! Please contact me if you need hair/makeup artist referrals! 

  • Timeless - My newborn photos are timeless - so simple, neutral/solid colors and fabrics are a must. Solid colors really photograph better, especially on my white bedding setup. Fitted tees, polos or button-ups for the guys & tank tops or blouses for ladies really allow your baby to be the center focus of family portraits. I ask families to go barefoot for my white bedding setup. 

  • Warm- Think about wearing layers. It can get warm in the studio for newborn sessions. I find that white or light-colored tank tops/blouses (for Mom) and white or grey fitted t-shirts/button up shirts (for Dad) look best. You can also bring a change of clothes to get comfy once parent photos are completed. 

  • Groom - Groom your little fresh-faced newborn. Sometimes their nails, skin and hair can get out of control. Trim their nails, keep them moisturized, and keep a baby brush on hand to fix that crazy baby hair. Trimming their nails 1-2 days beforehand and putting on newborn mittens can also prevent cuts on their face.

  • Trust - I provide outfits for your newborn session. I keep things timeless with soft wraps, knit outfits and small headbands to compliment your baby. All they need is a diaper during our session. Please dress them in a white onesie and then a sleeper over top that can be unbuttoned and doesn't need to be removed over their head once you arrive. That way we can take off the sleeper and they are already in their onesie for the parent and family portion of the session.

  • Moisturize - Healthy-looking skin can make a world of difference in your portraits. This goes for the whole family. Moisturizing with lotion before you arrive is very helpful and makes all of you look radiant! I offer baby-safe lotion in my studio just in case.

  • Discuss - I love helping families coordinate outfits to get the most timeless look in your photos and would be happy to help you select the best possible outfit for each family member.

|| Check out clothing ideas on my Maternity & Newborn Pinterest boards! ||