Jackson the Dog || Columbus, Ohio Family Photography

Say hello to the Rogers family!

Doug, Karen, Eva, & Oliver. Oh. And they're "dog" Jacksons makes an appearance as well.

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0002.jpg
Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0004 (1).jpg

One of my session favorites below. I love everything about it from his cheeks, to the vibrant autumn colors, to his bright eyes. <3

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0009.jpg

Sweet Eva had so much spunk and energy. I think I caught her in a giggle. ;)

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0024 (1).jpg

Baby Oliver had some solo photos taken in my wagon. He was so curious about everything in that wagon. The leaves, the blanket, the pumpkin. So much to see!

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0033 (1).jpg

I normally don't go for black and white if the color version is pretty vibrant. That being said, there is something about this b&w that had to be shared. Eva has taken one ballet class and already has some moves. She kept pointing her toes and flinging her leg up. Adorable!!

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0023.jpg

Poor Eva. She tried so so hard to hold Oliver and he is about the same size as her. Haha. Here she is giving him some sweet big sister kisses. I picture him saying, "eww cootiez!"

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0026.jpg

*Dies of cuteness*

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0033.jpg

I was introduced to Eva's "pet", Jackson. We promised she would get a photo with him at the end of our session. I love how comfortably she is holding him. So so sweet. 

Rogers Family Fall 2014-Rogers Family Fall 2014-0035.jpg

I had so much fun seeing the Rogers family again. Their kiddos are growing way too fast! I can't wait to see them again. <3

Rogers Family Fall 2014-PASS-0007.jpg