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Arya is one year big! Look at her adorable outfit.

One of my all-time favorite photos below. I love capturing emotions in the moment. 

Kober Family-Kober Family-0007.jpg

Such a pretty girl!

Kober Family-Kober Family-0006.jpg
Kober Family-Kober Family-0010.jpg

Although she wasn't a fan of the lemonade, boy did she love those lemons! 

Baby piggies.

One of my session favorites below. Her eyes and that pointed baby foot. Precious!

Kober Family-Kober Family-0039.jpg
Kober Family-Kober Family-0038.jpg

Arya kept making this surprised face. Everything was so exciting, especially when dad would toss her some little freeze-dried yogurt bites.

Kober Family-Kober Family-0042.jpg
Kober Family-Kober Family-0054.jpg

Sour lemon reaction... priceless. 

Kober Family-Kober Family-0055.jpg

Check out her delicate baby lashes. <3

Kober Family-Kober Family-0058.jpg

Her daddy's dance moves sure do make her laugh. They made me laugh a little too. :P

Kober Family-Kober Family-0061.jpg

Mommy is funny too. Another favorite. I swear I can't pick!

Kober Family-Kober Family-0064.jpg

"All of dat fun sure wore me out. I need uh nap."

Kober Family-Kober Family-0066.jpg

I had such a blast with the Kober family to document Arya's first birthday. I love catching up with high school classmates and seeing the wonderful lives they've built!

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