Rustic & Barefoot || Columbus, Ohio Family Photography

I spent all summer really digging deep to find out what kind of style I want to offer clients for outdoor portrait sessions. I spent countless hours driving to new locations and scouting new spots on Google maps to find those special locations that will allow children and families to be the spotlight during our time together. I want to offer a luxurious photo experience for my friends and clients. I found a new location and it begged to be photographed with a family willing to trust my advice on styling. I love bare feet. I love classic, soft colors. I want you to look back on your photos in ten years and not regret the location or wardrobe choices. 

Hello timeless!

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I love how the girls are all smiles with each other and Dad is just in the moment. Adorable!

Rauck Gallery-0035.jpg
Rauck Gallery-0036.jpg

Big sister did an amazing job at helping me the entire evening. 

Rauck Gallery-0007.jpg
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I'm a sucker for a serious expression from a child. Her eyes and round cheeks are to die for.

Rauck Gallery-0014.jpg

Obviously nothing beats a genuine smile. :)

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I love her wild little baby hairs and her lashes. 

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Ending the night near the water. Love these last few photos. Tender moments are where it's at folks. 

Rauck Gallery-0067.jpg

Caught in a moment of wonder.

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