Sunset Session with the Kober Family || Columbus, Ohio Family Photography

Hey Kober Fam!


I started photographing the Kober family when Arya turned a year old. I've been hooked ever since. Tell me this gorgeous girl isn't so precious-looking!


We met at a local park in Hilliard, Ohio two hours before sunset. I brought my new love seat to capture a few photos along the rows of blooming trees. Ms. Arya is full of love and sweetness, so getting her to give hugs and kisses was easy as pie. 

I adore this set of photos with her dad. 

I helped this family with their wardrobe selections and I love how it turned out. The focus is on the beautiful love and scenery. Would you believe Arya's mama made her outfit for her? Shannon does a lot of sewing and has mad skills! I couldn't have picked a better outfit for her little girl. 


Every year I photograph their family I capture this same photo. Full of snuggles and serious stares. You wouldn't believe how much she has grown over these last two and a half years. 


We were determined on finding a blooming tree somewhere in this giant park. We finally found one and I was super excited to have captured yet another go-to pose for this family. We've been doing the "throw the kid in the air" pose since year one of this little girls life. I love it!


Check out her nails and piggies. So precious!


Goodness. My heart. I love when families let loose and giggle about the silliest things. I couldn't tell you what was so funny but I'm so thankful I was there to capture it. 


FAVE below!


This section of the park wasn't even on my mind until I walked by and saw how the light was flowing through the trees. It's become a new favorite of mine. 


Pulling Dad close. How very sweet. Sometimes I say "no, get closer.... CLOSER" until families are down right squished. Just the way I like it. 


If you're a parent, tell me the last time you had photos with just your husband? Probably your wedding day, right? It may cause giggles... but I'm going to ask you to cuddle and smooch. Which means giggles...


But then I get something like this. Something you probably haven't captured on camera since the day you said "I do". This serious moment lasted about 3.4 seconds before they couldn't handle the seriousness. 


A little outtake... 

Tell me this doesn't happen every. single. time. you want photos without your children. They suddenly HAVE to be in the photo or they MUST be held. Haha! Oh sweet girl, no one forgot about you!


I'm now booking a limited number of outdoor family sessions at sunset this summer. I would love to help you prepare for a love-filled evening of memory-making and photo-taking. Contact me at to book your session now!