Our Wedding Day: Part One || Columbus, Ohio Personal Stories

I realize this blog is about our wedding, but before I can begin I absolutely must share some of our back-story. 

I met Rick at a bar of all places. I know... how romantic. My love for singing and his love for playing pool brought us together in 2007. Although it didn't take long for us to realize how important our love was, it did take him six years (*ahem*) to propose. There were plenty of times I SWORE up and down he was going to propose. The night felt special or I felt super pretty. But none of those were "us". We were real and his proposal was going to be real. On May 11th, 2013 I asked him to take me to the Arena District to scout some locations for possible photo sessions. We had dinner at Boston's Pizza and then afterward we planned on taking some photos at Arch Park. During dinner I saw a wedding party having their photos taken under the arch. I said something along the lines of that "it'll take so long for that to be me". How dumb, right? Haha! He told me, "not as long as you'd think". So sneaky. 

After dinner we walked over to the arch and I stepped way back to take a photo of him under the arch. Looking back at the photo it's completely obvious he looks nervous. 

Sarah Cropper Photography

Sarah Cropper Photography

He motioned for me to come over towards him. It wasn't until he asked me to put my camera down that I wondered if THIS WAS IT. Sure enough I turned around to find him on one knee, asking me to spend my life with him. 

Sarah Cropper Photography

Sarah Cropper Photography

(Ignore my giddy, teary-eyed face). 

We immediately called our loved ones and immediately started planning for a September 2014 wedding. Planning wasn't easy and definitely had it's stressful moments. Rick said on more than a few occasions, "remember this is about you and me". I felt like the day would never come, and when it did-I had so many thoughts. I wished I had more time, I wished I wasn't so nervous, and I wished I could hurry up and see him already! I want these blog posts to reflect how I felt on the day of our wedding. Through my eyes as a future bride, as well as a woman.


FINALLY. We can begin talking about the wedding. Yesss!

(All wedding photos were taken by The Jacksons Photography. A wonderful husband and wife team based in Columbus, Ohio.)

I woke up too early in my old bedroom in my parents house. I couldn't sleep (I wonder why?!). I stayed in bed a while and snuggled with their dog. I wondered if the entire day would feel this relaxing. I eventually got up to get a shower. My hair appointment was scheduled pretty early and I wanted to have enough time. My good friend Amber picked me up and drove me to my hair appointment at Salon Lofts in Pickerington with Tami (bomb-diggity hair stylist). At this point my nerves hadn't set in yet. I really enjoyed being pampered with a little girl time. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0003.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0010.jpg

We went back to my parents house after my hair appointment to meet my fabulous make-up artist, Tami. Make-up by Tami is amazing (different Tami!). 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0032.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0022.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0021.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0046.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0048.jpg

My mom was so concerned about feeding everyone that would be at the house. She made and bought so much food but I was too nervous to eat. I think I had one bite of soup and a few pieces of fruit.

My stepdad, my mom, my bridesmaid (Erin) and I left for the wedding venue, Brookshire, on time and I was feeling so great. I was getting so excited to get there and get in my dress. The dress I had hidden in my closet for a year. Unfortunately we got stuck in the most random, horrendous traffic that set us back about an hour. I was in panic mode but my girl Erin held me together with her kindness and calm attitude. We arrived at the venue and from that moment on up until my "first look" with Rick, all I could think was, "what if he sees me before it's time?!". The wonderful staff at Brookshire, our wonderful photographers, and my "maids" made sure that didn't happen. My bridal suite was perfect. I didn't have to leave the room until it was time to see Rick. My bridesmaid, Erin, was ready and dressed in five minutes or less. She said, "now I can help you with anything you need". Is that awesome or what? Little did she know she would come to my rescue multiple times that day. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0060.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0062.jpg

I had this vision of my mother buttoning the back of my dress, and then have my "maids" come and see me in my dress. I say "maids" because one of them is my very dear friend, Matt. It wouldn't be correct to call them all "ladies" or "bridesmaids". He makes an appearance later on. :) It took three attempts (my mother, my sister/maid of honor, and Erin) of buttoning the delicate buttons on the back of my dress before Erin was able to make it happen. Gold star for Erin!

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0064.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0067.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0070.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0075.jpg

My mom picked out the most perfect pearl bracelet of hers for me to wear on my special day. I decided it was my "something borrowed", although I kept it. Haha. These next two photos sum up our relationship. Our smiles match. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0077.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0078.jpg

I had something tucked away to give her as a small surprise. A handkerchief with script writing sewn into the fabric.  

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0081.jpg


To dry your tears on my wedding day as you have always dried mine."

Her eyes welled up with tears and she tried so hard to keep it together. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0079.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0084.jpg
04-Sarah and Rick-0171.jpg

I had a few minutes left to chat and exchange special words with loved ones before I met my groom. My niece and flower girl, Abigail, sat with me to talk about how she looked so beautiful and grown up. Her dress was chosen specifically so it would look similar to mine. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0090.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0087.jpg

My step-mother and unofficial wedding coordinator wore the most stunning blue eyeliner that begged to be photographed. She was a big part of my wedding planning and a played a huge role in making sure our wedding day went off without a hitch. 

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0094.jpg

I decided to see my father and step-father before meeting my groom for our "first look". It was time to put on my veil and meet the most important men in my life. It was TIME!

Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0100.jpg
Sarah Rick-02 Preparation-0104.jpg

Part two of our wedding day will include all three first looks and our bridal portraits! 

Photo Credit: The Jacksons Photography