Our Wedding Day: Part Two || Columbus, Ohio Personal Stories

(All wedding photos were taken by The Jacksons Photography. A wonderful husband and wife team based in Columbus, Ohio.)

Our Wedding Day: Part One (If you haven't read it yet.)

Let me begin part two by telling you how calm I felt before I met Rick for our "first look". I was excited! First, I walked out of my bridal suite with my little entourage of ladies towards the back exit of the reception hall to meet my father. 

03-First Looks-0106.jpg
03-First Looks-0107.jpg
03-First Looks-0108.jpg

Rick and I got him a personalized, engraved pocket knife with "Father of the Bride" on the outside. 

03-First Looks-0112.jpg
03-First Looks-0120.jpg

Then I walked around the corner to meet my step-father with a little group of loved ones following me. Our photographers, Jeremy and Amanda, did a fantastic job of making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. 

03-First Looks-0121.jpg
03-First Looks-0123.jpg
03-First Looks-0124.jpg

My step-father, Bill, was in the bridal party as a groomsman. He received a leather, monogrammed wallet (as did the other groomsmen) from Rick the night before at our rehearsal dinner. 

03-First Looks-0125.jpg
03-First Looks-0130.jpg

It was time. Time to meet Rick and see the look on his face. I had been waiting seven years to have this moment with him. My shoes and dress crunched the leaves on the ground, and I held my breath as I walked. 

03-First Looks-0134.jpg
03-First Looks-0136.jpg
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03-First Looks-0140.jpg
03-First Looks-0142.jpg

"I heard the leaves as you walked up and that's when I started to cry."

03-First Looks-0145.jpg
03-First Looks-0149.jpg

I never felt more beautiful than I did in that moment. He kept gazing into my eyes and looking at my dress. He told me sweet things that I will remember forever. I was so glad we had those quiet moments to share our thoughts that no one else would ever hear. 

03-First Looks-0166.jpg

We got to spend some time before the ceremony taking bridal portraits. Yet another reason to have a first look on your wedding day. We got married on a Friday night so we knew this was the best option for us to ensure we had enough time for everything. These are some of our favorites photos. 

Wedding Highlights-0049.jpg
Sarah Rick-04 Sarah and Rick-0028.jpg
Sarah Rick-04 Sarah and Rick-0041.jpg
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Sarah Rick-04 Sarah and Rick-0074.jpg
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Part three of our wedding day will feature the details of our wedding day and some bridal party and family photos. We're leading up to the ceremony! 

Photo Credit: The Jacksons Photography