Rainbow Bridge - Giving Back || Columbus, Ohio Pet Photography

My sister came to me with a heavy heart that her first furbaby, Katie, was having health problems. They knew their time with her was ending, and felt completely distraught and guilty. I've known her dog since they first brought her home as a puppy over 13 years ago. I couldn't imagine not having updated photographs of my furry family member.  My passion and emotional attachment I have for animals really tugged on my heart for a while. I decided to offer a limited number of complimentary mini lifestyle sessions in clients' homes with their furbaby before it's time for them to join the other furbabes on the rainbow bridge

Please email me at sarahcropperphoto@hotmail.com to chat with me about your dog or cat & your family's story. 
Katie Bug 2015-0006.jpg
Katie Bug 2015-0004.jpg
Katie Bug 2015-0015.jpg
Katie Bug 2015-0030.jpg

Sweet sweet Katie bug. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful treats, pot roast, and kisses from your family this week. 

Katie Bug 2015-0020.jpg

Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts. <3