Squishy Baby || Columbus, Ohio Baby Photography

Meet Six-week old MJ (how cool is his name?).

His mama knew he was past his prime for snuggly newborn photos, so she purchased my studio mini session. Boy did we get lucky with his chill attitude!

Nance 2015-0032.jpg
Nance 2015-0029.jpg
Nance 2015-0022.jpg
Nance 2015-0028.jpg
Nance 2015-0024.jpg

FAVE below. Captured this while he needed some comforting from Mama. 

Nance 2015-0037.jpg

My studio mini sessions are barefoot, organic & cozy. 

Nance 2015-0002.jpg
Nance 2015-0004.jpg
Nance 2015-0006.jpg
Nance 2015-0009.jpg

I put on my white noise machine to see if it would help him fall asleep. Within minutes he was OUT. These next set of photos contain SO much squishy, chunky goodness. You've been warned. 

Nance 2015-0046.jpg
Nance 2015-0059.jpg
Nance 2015-0040.jpg
Nance 2015-0050.jpg
Nance 2015-0053.jpg
Nance 2015-0063.jpg

Sarah Cropper is a natural light photographer who specializes in organic, connection-focused portraits of newborns and families in the Columbus, Ohio area.