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What I learned as a photographer in 2016 and what's in store for Sarah Cropper Photography next year!

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January of this year I wrote a blog post talking about what I learned in 2015 and what goals I had set for 2016. I'm so glad I looked back on this blog post because I realized I accomplished every single goal I set in this blog post! You can read it >> HERE! <<

In that blog post I talked about moving into our home, opening a newborn studio and building a great group of clients. I also listed a few goals like starting my Rainbow Bridge Project and bettering my business by focusing on specific types of portrait photography (newborns and families!). I did just that! My Rainbow Bridge Project started and I was able to help multiple families in 2016 with the loss of their furbabies. I was also able to build a fantastic group of clients that are so dear to my heart. Sometimes we forget where we started and only see where we've yet to go in business (and in life). Looking back at that almost-one year old blog post reminded me how far I've come! 


Here are a few things I learned as a photographer growing my business in 2016

  1.  Staying busy with a steady flow of photo sessions is important to staying relevant on social media. This is why a few times a year I offered free sessions (or model calls) to fully-deserving families to fill my schedule where I needed to fill my time with creativity. This is also a great time to try something new with a photo session!
  2.  Branding IS important! I know, everyone talks about their brand but it's true that your brand should define you and your style. But branding is more than colors and fonts. It's your heart, personality and passion for what you love to photograph. I found when I focused on being true to myself, booked clients and took sessions that were MY passion - it showed in my overall look of my brand! 
  3.  You should never stop learning and trying new things. I tried a new editing style for my outdoor portraits and LOVE the warmth it brings to my photographs. I've also had fun this year trying new things in my home studio (in Grove City). I've altered my wood backdrop, added new props, added a white bed setup and changed it up with pillows and accessories here and there. I've found doing these things allows me to never feel bored or stuck in a creative rut. 
  4.  Clients are everything. This year I focused on treating clients like gold and really getting to know them. You want to know what happened? They became friends! Yes I already had friends but caring about each client has allowed me to have a friendship-like relationship with my families I've worked with in 2016. I found the more I treated people like friends, the more I got in return.
  5. Setting goals are important, no matter how big or small. Setting a goal for X amount of sessions each month, writing blog posts each week, trying a new pose with each session, etc. Next year I want to focus even more on setting these types of goals!

So what's next for 2017? Here are the details!

A lot of the things I just listed will be part of my goals for 2017: working on branding, happy clients and trying new things. BUT the biggest change? I'm totally remodeling my studio from top to bottom! I'll start using soft studio lighting, have a brand new barnwood setup, and add some other items to my studio. You'll have to stay tuned to my blog and social media to see the changes! I'm also doing some new, fun posing for families next year! I'll be focusing more on interaction, love & warmth in my family photos. 

I'm so excited for these changes to Sarah Cropper Photography in 2017!

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