Best Columbus Newborn Photographer

Best Columbus Newborn Photographer

Hello there!

I’m Sarah of Sarah Cropper Photography. I specialize in maternity, newborn, baby and family photography throughout Central Ohio. I focus on natural colors, beautiful lighting, real interactions and pure emotions in my photographs. I’m an award-winning photographer with six plus years working with newborns and over eight years in the photography business. With my own residential studio, I offer clients the option to come to me for newborn and family portraits. In my studio I offer everything your baby needs during their session, including wardrobe options, wipes, burp cloths and more. Safety is my top priority at all times so I work diligently and slowly to ensure your little ones are always in good hands. My style focuses on preserving your baby and family in their truest form. From baby yawns, kisses from big sis or a family full of giggles, I’m there to document it!

Do I pose your family and baby?

YES! A common misconception is that I just let your baby hang out and manage to get all these amazing photographs of them in different, cozy positions. I do what I call the “pose and connect”. Which means I pose your baby and then capture all the in-between moments. So I might curl them up and take their photo and then they might stretch or yawn. I capture all of it! The same goes for family sessions. I’ll pose all of you in the most flattering way and take some traditional portraits where everyone is looking at me and smiling. Then I might have everyone look up at Dad or tickle big sis! From there I can capture real emotions and a wide variety of angles. This gives you the most amazing gallery of images! I also offer this type of posing for baby milestones. I might place them on some fabric and hand them some toys and capture them looking at me, and then let them play and document them being a baby. Maybe your baby is silly and loves to blow raspberries. Or you might have a serious baby who gives the most gorgeous sparkling stares. I love giving you photos of your loved ones showing their true selves, with a little help from me!

Lighting is my jam

So what is the deal with lighting? It is the most important aspect of photography! If you don’t have great light, you don’t have great images. For years I was 100% all about using only natural light in my studio. And to some, using artificial lighting seems fake or too harsh. People hear “natural light” and assume it’s the best option. But here me out. What if you schedule a newborn session, spending a decent amount of money. You show up and the studio is gloomy, and it’s storming outside. Your images won’t have the best quality possible compared to a brightly lit studio on a sunny day. How is that fair when you are spending your hard-earned money? That’s why I switched to studio lighting in my Grove City studio. I want all my clients to receive the same, high-quality images. I use a one-light setup in my studio space to mimic natural window light. And a lot of my clients can’t even tell in the images whether I’m using natural or studio light, which is what I aim for! But what about outdoor sessions? Some clients want to schedule a session outdoors at 11 am or 3 pm, not realizing the difference between mid-day light and early or end of day lighting. The first 2 hours of sunlight and the last 2 hours of sunlight are the best and my FAVORITE kind of light. You want light to hit your back and your hair, to get nice golden light coming from behind you. You simply can’t get that with mid-day shoots where the sun is coming straight down your face, leaving harsh shadows. You’ll see all of my outdoor work is scheduled early or later in the day, and clients love the results!

Why newborn and family photography?

When starting my business, I always knew I wanted to photograph families. But I think when my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby, I had this strong urge to start photographing newborns. And even after we had our daughter I still have this love and desire to give parents timeless photos of their new baby. I know how it feels to be SO tired and sore after having a baby and I wanted to give clients an easy, and fun experience from start to finish. That’s why I communicate a lot with clients before the session so you aren’t feeling any stress or wondering what to wear. It’s why I have a cozy bed setup in my studio so after family portraits you get to hang out, relax and even take a nap when I’m photographing your baby’s solo photos. I still get SO excited each time I book a newborn session and feel so happy during every newborn session. Newborns grow and change in the blink of an eye, and I don’t want you to miss that.

Best Columbus Newborn Photographer

Are you looking for a newborn photographer in the Columbus, Ohio area? Look no further! Sarah Cropper Photography is a newborn photographer in Columbus, Ohio and in surrounding areas such as Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington, New Albany and Grove City. I photograph newborns in my cozy home studio located in Grove City, Ohio. I focus on natural posing, love, connection and pure emotions. Feel free to look at my work to see if my style is up your alley! You can contact me by clicking the button below or emailing me at