Find a Newborn Photographer in Columbus | Central Ohio Newborn Photographer

Find a Newborn Photographer in Columbus | Central Ohio Newborn Photographer


Finding a newborn photographer can seem like a daunting task. You’re expecting a baby, whether you’re pregnant or adopting, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours looking for the right photographer to document this important milestone for your family. So I’m breaking it down to help you figure out what type of photographer is right for you. I’ll also go into detail about what kind of services I offer and exactly what you will get from booking me as your newborn photographer in Columbus.



Every photographer has their own style. Some offer moody, rich photos with a darker look to the editing style. A popular trend right now is lots of color and a lot of props and backdrops. Others choose to only document your family in your home and don’t offer studio work. It is really important to pick someone with a style your really love.

What is my style?

As your newborn photographer, you can expect timeless, natural images with a crisp and bright finish. I use a lot of white and neutral colors in my studio work. I prefer poses that feel and look comfortable. I avoid trends because I want your images to stand the test of time. I don't want you to look back in 15 years and cringe at a photo of your baby hanging from a basket. Instead, I want you to look back and see the way your baby yawned and stretched. How small they fit in your arms. The pout of their lips and shape of their feet. My residential studio offers everything your baby needs during their session. I keep accessories, fabrics, outfits and more. I also have refreshments, a changing table, and essentials like wipes and hand sanitizer. I use one strobe for most studio sessions to ensure all clients receive the same, high-quality lighting. You never know what kind of light or weather is going on outside the day of your session. It could be gloomy and storming outside, and my studio portraits will always appear crisp and bright. By using one strobe I’m able to mimic the soft look that natural light offers, but without the stress!



Safety should be top priority during your baby’s newborn session. A photographer that practices safe posing and handling, in my opinion, is a great photographer. Newborns can’t exactly get up and walk away from a prop, but they CAN kick and even roll! They might not have neck control but they CAN lift their head and then not know what to do with that big noggin. So it is important that your photographer either have an assistant for harder poses, or stick to natural poses and stay close to baby at all times. They can also ask parents to help if they need to step away from baby for a moment. Along with baby’s posing safety, your photographer needs to understand how baby’s work. Are they too hot? Cold? Are they breathing normally? Are they in a safe sleep position? Do they have gas or rooting to eat? Parents might notice some of these things but it IS OUR JOB to recognize these symptoms and act on them at any moment. I highly suggest asking a potential photographer how they practice safety during newborn sessions before hiring them.

How do I practice safety?

I practice safety in multiple ways. I monitor the temperature of the room with a digital thermometer. I ensure it stays between 78-80 degrees to keep your baby warm. I also use a space heater to keep the room warm, but I will turn it off as needed once the room reaches 80 degrees. I monitor your baby to make sure they aren’t sweating at the back of the neck, or that their skin isn’t feeling chilled. I make sure your baby is never posed in a way that restricts airways or generally isn’t natural. If I need to step away from baby I always ask you (parent) to step in and watch baby. I am constantly keeping an eye on their breathing and well-being. If I am passing your baby off either to or from my arms to you, I make sure to say whether I have them safely in my arms yet. Props are tested beforehand to ensure stability. And because props are not as safe as my beanbag, I always want a parent nearby with their hand ready to spot baby, especially if they are awake.


Knowing how far you want to travel is important before booking a session. If you live 45 minutes away, you might still really want to travel to someone because you love their newborn work. But others might want to find someone local because the thought of traveling that far with a newborn makes them feel anxious. And others might not want to travel at all and prefer an in-home newborn session. My studio is located in Grove City, Ohio and I have plenty of clients from Grove City. However, I’ve had clients travel from up to an hour away because they love my style and studio work. I’ve also had clients who live locally to me but still prefer to book an in-home session. It’s important to ask your photographer their location, and if they are willing to travel to you. If so, you might need to check to see what an in-home session entails. Some will bring fabrics and their beanbag to pose baby, and others only offer lifestyle-type images.

Do I travel?

YES! I do travel! In fact, I love in-home newborn photography. It really allows me to be creative. I arrive to your home and search for the best light in your home while you feed or prep baby for our session. Then we get started! I bring along a few items for your baby, such as headbands, a white onesie, one or two blankets and a few wraps. I also bring along some white noise or a Baby Shusher in case baby needs soothing. Regardless of your session location, I will always prep you beforehand with your own online client guide. This way you know how to prepare, what to bring and ideas on what to wear.


All inclusive vs. In-Person Sales

Each photographer has built their business differently. Some offer one price for one type of session and it includes the digital images, typically in an online gallery for downloading. Other photographers offer a smaller fee for the session itself and then require you to purchase art and digital files separately, usually by coming back to their studio in person. There is no right or wrong way to go about doing this, but it’s a good idea to know up front what type of service you prefer.

Am I all inclusive?

Yes, I am all inclusive. I have a set number of images that is included in every type of session I offer. For example, my studio newborn session that includes your family, includes 35 digital photos in an online gallery for you to download and keep forever, and PRINT as much as you want for your personal use. But I have found what makes my services a bit different is that I send you a watermarked gallery for you to CHOOSE your images. I send at least double, if not triple the amount of images and do what I call a “soft edit” on the images. Then you get to log in and choose your images. If you want more, I invoice you for the amount of extras after we chat about the amount. This way you get to keep the photos you love the most. Not the photos I love the most. I also offer a handful of fine art products like albums, in case you would like to order and don’t want to find a high-quality album company on your own.


In Conclusion

Whether you love light, and bright images or want images of your baby in your own home, you always want to find someone who LOVES their job! Does your potential photographer gush over babies on social media and love sharing client sneak peeks? Do they have great reviews online from past and current clients? Newborn photography is truly an investment because you are trusting another person to keep your baby safe. That trust comes from years of learning, experience and practicing the highest of safety methods. If you are in need of a newborn photographer to capture natural, pure images of you and your baby I would love to chat with you about scheduling!

Find a Newborn Photographer in Columbus | Central Ohio Newborn Photographer

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