Our Wedding Day: Part Three || Columbus, Ohio Personal Stories

(All wedding photos were taken by The Jacksons Photography. A wonderful husband and wife team based in Columbus, Ohio.)

Our Wedding Day: Part One & Part Two (If you haven't read them yet.)

After our first look and some bridal photos, we had time for photos with loved ones. But before that I want to show off some awesome details of the day that were beautifully captured. Brookshire is an awesome all-inclusive reception venue with an option for an outdoor ceremony. We took one look at this location and didn't need to look elsewhere. 

We added the wisteria flowers to add a pop of color to the ceremony pergola. It's almost laughable to think back on how stressed out I was over these small details. They really do make a difference! 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0081.jpg

My sister and I worked together on making this chalkboard special. We used lace stencils for the border. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0076.jpg

Aren't those lights gorgeous? We chose the tall centerpieces to give height without being too large for guests to talk to one another. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0049.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0052.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0100.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0050.jpg

My step-mom had cookies made with R + S on the icing. These were a big hit!

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0054.jpg

These next few photos were taken in the lobby. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0126.jpg

It was so important to us that we include our grandparents in our wedding day. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0120.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0124.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0025.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0002.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0013.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0034.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0039.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0045.jpg

My something old was a butterfly brooch that belonged to my grandmother and was passed down to me. My something blue was a pin that belonged to my grandfather. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0116.jpg
Sarah Rick-10 Details-0109.jpg

I'm so fortunate that we had enough time before the ceremony for so many great photos. Just another perk of having a first look. ;)

Don't these fellas look so handsome?

Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0002.jpg

Rick with his brother and best man, Rob. 

Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0019.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0008.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0058.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0063.jpg

My ladies (and flower girl) received infinity, monogrammed bracelets. 

Sarah Rick-10 Details-0102.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0070.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0060.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0034.jpg
Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0046.jpg

Fancy pants bridal party photo. We could never pose ourselves this well. Thank Jeremy and Amanda! 

Sarah Rick-05 Wedding Party-0040.jpg

This one has been a big hit with my mom. Classic sibling photo. :)

Sarah Rick-06 Family-0024.jpg

My long-time friend of over 13 years, Brandon, married us. We wouldn't have had it any other way!

Sarah Rick-07 Ceremony-0109 (1).jpg

My grandmother came to see me in the last few minutes before the ceremony began. She requested this photo and I'm SO glad she did!

Sarah Rick-06 Family-0022 (1).jpg

One of my very dear and best friends, Kendra, came to say a few kind words just moments before I went down the aisle. Of course tears followed. <3

Sarah Rick-06 Family-0002 (1).jpg
Sarah Rick-06 Family-0004 (1).jpg

The moment Kendra left and I was standing outside the back of the venue alone... it hit me. I'm getting married. All the months planning. All the loved ones waiting. I spent all day having so much fun and in that moment I had never been more nervous in my life. I walked through the empty, beautifully-lit reception hall and stood arm in arm with my father behind closed doors. My bridal party took their steps through the wooden ceremony doors and we waited for my music to begin. In that moment I gripped my fathers arm and took big breaths. The staff at Brookshire was there to give encouraging, calming words. 

Then it happened. The music I selected began to play and the double-doors opened. My nerves escaped and I saw my future at the end of a stone path...

Part four of our wedding story will feature our wedding ceremony! Finally! Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: The Jacksons Photography