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Studio Remodel Part One

Columbus Newborn Photographer

When we bought our home in 2014, I always knew I wanted to completely upgrade my studio space. For one reason or another it always got pushed to the back burner in my mind until now. I bit the bullet and ordered wood flooring so I couldn't back down from this remodel. I spent a lot of time before that though, sketching layouts and designs. Up until now my white bed setup was in another part of my home, but I wanted to change that. I really wanted families to be able to walk in and feel relaxed. I previously had a sofa in my studio for parents to sit, but then I didn't have room for my white bed. I got the idea that I could replace the sofa with my bed to really give families a chance to feel at home. My white bed will function as seating (day bed style), or it can be used as a normal bed for photo sessions. I wanted everything in my studio to have a purpose, which is why I spent so long (seriously, SO LONG) looking for the right color wood flooring. I didn't want anything dark or shiny, so I chose a matte white wood laminate flooring. To add more of a high-end feel, the wall with the window will be covered from floor to ceiling with white/sheer curtains. I'll have items to accommodate new parents like a changing table, mini fridge, snacks, and other basic items they might need during their baby's newborn session. 

Now that you're getting an idea in your mind of the finished studio, I can explain my concept of where I want to take my business in 2017. I really want this space to allow families to be themselves, and be photographed in a real way. Yes my entire studio is white, but only to allow families and babies to shine with no distractions. I'll still have props, my bean bag, and a rustic/cream wood floor and backdrop for newborns and babies. I'll still focus on newborns and babies, but I want to be able to start photographing families in here as well! I also really wanted my lighting to be consistent 100% of the time, and I just wasn't getting that with natural light from windows. It's important that my clients all receive the same quality photographs, and you can't always get that with this Ohio weather. One day it could be storming and the light is dark and gloomy, and the next day it's sunny and the studio is as bright as can be. By switching to a high-quality strobe I can really focus on soft, consistent light with soft shadows on baby's faces. 

As we complete the flooring part of the remodel this week I'll put my final touches on the rest of the studio so I can start bringing in old and new clients starting in February! Stay tuned for Part Two of this blog series to see the finished studio with photos included! 

P.S. - I have to give a huge thank you to my husband who has been working his tail off to finish this remodel! 

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