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For quite some time now I've been staring at my work and feeling like something was missing. I love my clients and love how they look in photographs (they're awesome!) but when I would edit my usual light and airy way I would be left wondering if something was lacking. I often look at other photographer's work and admire them for their unique style. One thing I noticed was the fact that I was drawn to photographs with depth, richness and contrast. I often felt like I was holding myself back from certain colors like mustard yellow or dark grey because I was telling myself I had to be this photographer who only uses soft colors and light tones. 

Who wants to limit themselves when there are so many colors to explore?!

I want to be a mix of vibrant, bright, rich and real ALL at the same time. I truly believe I found a way to make this happen for my business. Some of you are thinking, "but isn't your studio all white? How will that work?" What I love about my studio is the fact that it IS all white. That means it goes with every color. I no longer want to tell my clients they need to wear neutral colors to their sessions or that they should choose only soft colors. I want to see yellow, coral, navy, deep grey and everything in between. I want to see patterns, texture, layers and colorful accessories. 

What does this mean for Sarah Cropper Photography?

This means outdoor sessions will be more rich, colorful and more deep in color. Studio sessions will still have a brightness to them with all the white but I'll be adding some depth and contrast when editing your timeless photographs. Newborn sessions will still include some white because it's one of my favorite colors to use on fresh little innocent babes, but I'll start introducing some other tones like tan, grey, pink and blue upon request. Speaking of my studio...

My studio is getting a little face lift of it's own! I'm adding some warmth and life to my home studio space. Cozy pillows, throws with texture, decor on the walls to welcome clients, and a general feeling of comfy but stylish. I'm also going to start making use of my studio lights here and there but with a natural-light feel to the photos. 

With all these changes I have even more news to share! 

Starting in October (after my maternity leave ends) I'll be offering Fresh 48 sessions! This is  where I come visit you and your new baby in the hospital where I photograph your baby and your little family. These sessions are very calming, natural and relaxing. A lot of interaction-type photos and lifestyle goodness. 

Along with adding Fresh 48 sessions, I'm also offering FALL MINI sessions in October and working on some adorable setups for studio HOLIDAY MINI sessions in November!

Why make all these changes NOW, right before the baby arrives? 

I want to come back from my maternity leave READY to dive into my business with a fresh start. I'll return in October when outdoor colors are at it's finest and the last thing I want is to still be working on my brand and style at my busiest time of the year. I can't wait to come back with a bang! 


Are you looking for a family photographer in the Columbus, Ohio area? Look no further! Sarah Cropper Photography is a family photographer in Columbus, Ohio. I photograph families in my cozy home studio located in Grove City, Ohio. I also photograph families in beautiful locations throughout Columbus at sunset. I focus on natural posing, love, connection and pure emotions. Feel free to look at my work to see if my style is up your alley! You can contact me by clicking the button below or emailing me at